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The TGVT & EV2K international flags consist of the flags of all 195 sovereign villages on the globe. The flag flies as a flag of peace, representing all the villages of this globe and is flown on TGVT team vehicles, the EV2K world headquarters, all satellite operations around the globe and all support activities of the mission.

Considered to be represented here are also the 61 dependent villages as well as the 6 villages under dispute.

The 61 dependent villages are protected territories to some of the 196 independent villages and the 6 villages under dispute those villages whose resolution has yet to be determined.

This flag, as in the Red Cross flag, is international in scope and as such, represents peace and unity of this globe for it bears or represents the individual flags of all villages.

Any structure, person or vehicle flying this flag is considered an envoy of world peace and the unity of all the villages through their children.


"If help and salvation are to come,
they can only come from the children,
for the children are the makers of men"

Marie Montessori

"So long as little children are allowed to suffer,
there is no true love in this world"

Isadora Duncan

"We must teach our children to dream
with their eyes open"

Harry Edwards


EarthVisions 2K