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"Man is the only animal for whom his existence
is a problem in which he has to solve"

Erich Fromm

"It is we adults that teach children how to hate...
We turn children into soldiers to fight our wars"

Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace prize winner

In 1968, Dwight Blackshear wrote an essay entitled, “The survival of mankind, what has to be done?” for his western civilization class.

In the essay, he noted that as history is always repeating itself, the eventual destruction of mankind by mankind seems to be in our not too distant future.  He further stated that, “Our species with its warring tendencies and  with each subsequent generation, our ability to cause more harm and destruction becoming more efficient, it is probable that in the near future, we will  destroy ourselves, many, many other animals, many plant forms and perhaps part of the surface of this globe we call home.”

Dwight suggested the possibility of somehow skipping a few generations.  Instead of children learning from adults, let children learn from children, this way maybe, just maybe, adults could learn too!  To reduce the ‘history repeating itself’ factor, we need to reduce the bad habits that children learns from adults. “THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT FOR MANKIND TO SURVIVE, WE MUST START OVER AGAIN BUILDING FROM FRESH THOUGHTS” Hopefully, this would yield unprejudiced feeling with a better appreciation and understanding of the differences within our species.

Although he received a B+ for the paper, the desire to attempt to change the world and to inevitably try to make a difference stayed with him for over 30 years and through two careers.

In 1991, he formed a non-profit corporation called EarthVisions 2000, Inc.   His stated purpose in the articles of incorporation was to endeavor mankind to understand that we are all the same despite our differences and we should try to understand each other and accept those differences.

He maintained the Corporation for the next 10 years while continuing to run his production companies.  In 2000, after 21 years of successfully running his companies, he elected to close them to pursue making EarthVisions 2000 a reality.

In 2001, Mr. Blackshear traveled in excess of 280,000 miles, visiting 6 continents and talking to people of varied ethnic and religious backgrounds.  It was with these associations that he was able to see the globe from all perspectives, listen to all languages and to further understand the different types of people that occupy it.

He also committed his full attention to EarthVisions 2000, which has now been abbreviated to EarthVisions 2K or EV2K

The concept to make a difference as stated in his mission statement became clearer and was developed to its present form as a result of watching a CNN news report in October 2000, where a 10-year-old child was killed in the Middle East while throwing rocks at an armed soldier.

It was here that remembering what Noble Peace Prize winner, Desmond Tutu said, “It is we adults that teach children to hate, we turn children into soldiers to fight our wars”, he wondered, “if children from around the world could communicate with each other, maybe, just maybe they could teach the adults how to get along better”.

Out of this came the concept of giving children a chance to ‘make a difference to this globe and these global villages’ while they are young and possibly pure in thought.

In November 2000, Dwight developed the basis of what their purpose should be and made a creed that the children accepting such responsibilities will say:

"In peace and understanding, we accept the
responsibilities and determine the future of
this globe and these global villages..... Together "

To add power to the children and the ability to communicate with each other, Blackshear developed a website that would be void of politics and religion and would deal only with unbiased information on the globe and the global villages that occupy it.

To give further understanding that it is for the children, ‘the inheritors of the responsibilities of this globe’, in December 2000, Blackshear added:

"Adults allowed ONLY under child supervision!"

The project started development in 2002 with the implementation of the website, TGVT teams and the ‘TGVT.TV’ media project.

In 2002, Blackshear continued to travel the world and attempted to visit all 7 continents. To date, Dwight still travels the world and continues to move the project forward.

"Humans make the mistake of believing that it is their right to survive.
Species die out on this planet all the time without anyone noticing.
This planet was here long before us and will still be here
after us, and we must lose this attitude of divine right,
that something will save us..."


  "How incredible it is that in this fragile existence, we
should hate and destroy one another.
There are possibilities enough for
all who will abandon master over each
other to pursue mastery over nature.
There is world enough for all to seek their
happiness in their own way."

President Lyndon B. Johnson
Inaugural Address, January 1965

"This world began without man,
and it will end without him"

Claude Levi-Strauss


EarthVisions 2K