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The Global Village Tour (TGVT) logo represents the four teams of vehicles that will traverse the globe delivering the prestigious medallions and the Hewlett Packard Global Computer-1(HPGC-1) to the up to 500,000 specially selected representatives of the global villages.

The center part of this logo shows the entire 7 continents that make up this globe and also represents the operational limitation of the 4 teams.  As such, medallions and computers are scheduled to be delivered to communities in Antarctica as well.  The 7 continents are named in the ring in alphabetical order.

The Hummers, also called HumVees were selected as the initial delivery vehicle for their durability and as a contrast to the symbols that they have represented in the past.

‘HumVees’ have represented vehicles of war, while the ‘Hummers’, have been displayed as toys for the rich.

Now, these very capable vehicles will become the ‘Envoys of Peace’, helping to bring the world together, ‘In peace and understanding’.

The secondary vehicles utilized will be the very capable Land Rovers.  These are also vehicles that are seen all over the world and have been recognized for their ability to transverse any area of the globe.

All team members of The Global Village Tour(TGVT) teams and only the direct supporting operational units will wear this patch.

Special guest joining the teams for longer than three days will receive patches with a slight variation of this one, specially denoting them as a guest of a TGVT operation.

"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness
that created them"

Albert Einstein

"Imagine what a harmonious world it would be if every single
person, both young and old, shared a little of what he or she
is good at doing"

Quincy Jones



The EarthVisions 2K (EV2K) logo is the logo patch for the Headquarters and subordinate operations of EV2K to include all satellite operations of the program and the general support elements of The Global Village Tour(TGVT) teams.

The same main elements exist on this logo as the TGVT logo which includes the 7 continents of the globe and the listing of these continents in the surrounding ring.

The top of this patch however, represents the headquarters of the operations with it’s many communications satellites overhead.  The satellites represent the ability of the EV2K operation to access all global villages throughout the globe.

This patch will be worn by all operational & support members of EV2K and is second in desire to the prestigious patches of TGVT teams.

"Children are our most valuable natural resource"
Herbert C. Hoover



"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children"

Haida Indian Saying



This is soon to become one of the most recognized and prestigious medallions on the globe. It represents humanity’s direction towards unity & peace for the 195 sovereign villages that occupy this globe.  Up to 500,000 of these can be operational at any one time.  In its on going purpose of operation, it will allow children the ability to provide suggestions on possible solutions to the many issues being discussed on the EV2K website

This medallion represents the entire mission of the program.  Up to 500,000 children from around the world, specially chosen by their individual villages, will receive this coveted medallion and become instantly linked to each other.

To provide this link they will also receive the powerful HPGC-1 computer, which will give them an immediate and direct link to the website and headquarters. Through this link they will be able to communicate with the rest of the globe.  With this link, they will have the ability to provide input in addressing the many world issues through an open forum with the other recipients of this medallion.


The front has the same background as the EV2K & TGVT logos showing all 7 continents.  The medallion is ringed with the colors of the rainbow, representing the flag colors of the 195 sovereign villages (nations of the world), 61 dependent villages as well as the 6 disputed territories.

Within the colored rings are images of children holding hands together representing their unity and strength and the power of children united.

The inside image of two children holding hands reinforces the images of the outer ring.  The words on the bottom indicate that the holder of this medallion represents a global village.


Each medallion is personalized to that of the individual recipient.  The top indicates the approximate date of the presentation, the global village that the child represents (each village is listed alphabetically in most world references), and the name of the recipient.

The center of the medallion is inscribed with the mission statement which denotes the purpose of the program and their goal in being a part of it.  It also states the responsibilities of the recipient. 

Upon accepting this coveted medallion, the youth will recite this to all who are in attendance;

"In peace and understanding, we accept the responsibility and
determine the future of this globe and these global
villages..... together."

The bottom is the 6 character access key that is linked to that computer.  It recognizes the user and allows that youth access to the restricted INPUT areas on the site. 

These input areas allow them to provide their recommendations on world issues and to directly communicate with other youth around the world in discussing global issues.

"If we are to have real peace, we must begin with the children"


"Grown men can learn from very little children for the hearts
of little children are pure. Therefore, the Great Spirit may
show them many things which older people miss"

Black Elk


"In our way of life, in our government, with every decision we make,
we must always keep in mind 'The Seventh Generation to come'.
It's our job to see that the people coming ahead, the generations still
unborn, have a world no worse than ours -- and hopefully better.
When we walk upon Mother Earth we always plant our feet carefully
because we know the faces of our future generations are looking
up at us from beneath the ground.
We must never forget them."

OREN LYONS, Onondaga Faithkeeper



EarthVisions 2K